Bye, bye Bruce…

December 1, 2011


Even before the season had begun, I had predicted that this would be the ‘make or break season for Steve Bruce’. Well now, Bruce becomes the first Premier League manager to leave his post just 4 months into the season. All the major football pundits would have started postulating their own theories on why Bruce […]

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Was 6-1 really on the cards?

October 24, 2011


In short – No. There was no way that anyone could have predicted that Manchester City could have inflicted such a painful and humiliating defeat on Manchester United before the kick-off. But was a United defeat on the cards? Honestly there was a very good probability of that happening.Let’s get right to business. Fergie scrapped […]

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Basel’s narrowness and United’s slackness combine to give a classic

September 29, 2011


60% possession, 14 attempts at goal with 9 on target (65%), 2 goals up in 17 minutes and the formidable fortress of Old Trafford – United fans could have been forgiven if they had thought that the match was over by half time. But the reality was far from it. Basel scored twice in quick […]

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Tactically Speaking: City vs Everton – Irresistable force wins over the immovable object.

September 25, 2011


Everton went to the Etihad stadium with a clear game plan – stifle Manchester City and possibly hit them on the break. Moyes would have loved all 3 points but set out hoping to earn 1. City on the other hand wanted to impose their attacking will on Everton and hopefully set the gauntlet for […]

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Tactically Speaking: United vs Chelsea – A match of misses

September 19, 2011


“For the neutrals it was fantastic and open. Some of our football was terrific but we were so careless we could have thrown it away. We did OK when we got the ball to Nani and Ashley Young [in the wide positions] but when we tried to be clever in the middle of the field […]

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Tactically Speaking: Manchester United vs Chelsea: The battle might be settled in the wings

September 18, 2011


After the mid-week Champions League exertions, it’s time for Premier League action and this week we have the big daddy of battles – Chelsea travel to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United. Though Andre Villas-Boas denied it, it is inevitable that his future at west London will be scrutinized even more from this weekend […]

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